I want to connect Mixup to the Stereo Out Jacks 1U module

I have Mixup connected to the audio jacks of my two Intellijel 7U Performance cases. I also have a 7U case that I made out of an abandoned computer tower. I originally built the case with Stereo Line Out 1U connected to the Stereo Out Jacks 1U module. I’d like to remove the Stereo Line Out 1U module and replace it with another Mixup. Can I connect Mixup directly to the Stereo Out Jacks module? If so, what pins connect to which? I have Female to Female jumper cables. Thank you.

Unfortunately, no. There is no option for behind-the-scenes normalling into the outs 1u. The only pins it has are themselves outputs, designed for connecting to a headphones 1u. Which sucks