How to use 7u case ports

Hi, I am new to this forum and new to modular synth world. So I am thinking to buy a 7u case for my first rack. The only thing that I have clear is that this case has some audio ports on the back and to use them you need to buy the audio I/O 1u module. That connects to the rear ports from the inside of the case. My question here is, how the pedal I/O 1u and pedal I/O jacks can be connected together and what do you need to do, to use the midi and usb ports.

The Midi (and USB Midi) port connects to the 1U Midi module via an internal ribbon cable, or via the Midi Ports 1U tile if you have a smaller case.

The pedal I/O jacks connect to the pedal I/O tile the same way using an internal ribbon cable. The Pedal IO can also connect to the IN jack of the 7U case using a special adapter. Beware that you need to buy either the case adapter or the Jacks tile to use the Pedal I/O tile.

But don’t take my poor explanations as gospel, check out the manuals here:


Pedal IO:

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It’s also worth mentioning that if you connect the Pedal Interface 1U to the case jacks using the 7U adaptor, it will use either the left or right IN and OUT jacks. This means that you can connect two Pedal Interface 1U modules to your 7U case.

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