How to quantize pitches with non-equal temperament

Hi there-

I’m interested in quantizing pitches in just intonation.
In my perfect world, from Metropolis, for example, I would select a scale option such as “Dorian, Just intonation” or perhaps set a configuration parameter TEMPERAMENT = Equal to Just, and all scales would be calibrated accordingly. As a result, the pitch voltages generated would be quantized corresponding to Just-intonated intervals.

In practice, I expect my objective would be more likely achieved by taking Metropolis (or other module) pitch outputs into a dedicated quantizer module. I’ve looked at the manuals for of Scales and uScale but don’t see options for non-equal temperament.

Can you provide a technique to working with Just-intonated pitches with your modules? Or perhaps, indicate an upcoming module or module update that would allow this capability in future?



Wouldn’t using JI require you to re-tune the ratio relative to each last played note? Seems interesting, but I’m not sure how that would work with the UI of Scales

Hi there -
Thanks for response. I don’t suggest Scales would necessarily be solution - in fact, I don’t see that it is possible.

What I’m hoping for is what IS possible. How can one obtain just-intonated invervals?

The easiest solution would be to have just quantizing available from within Metropolis. Problem solved, but seems not a supported feature.

Alternative - pitch voltages output by Metropolis are input into a quantizer that sets just temperament. If not Scales (nice name, not necessarily the right module), then what module could do this?

Perhaps there’s another technique I haven’t thought about.

Yeah I’m not aware of any way to do it right now. The current Metropolis hardware is probably not precise enough to implement something like this, but I’ll add it to the wishlist for future products. I’ve been wanting to implement something with microtunings etc. at some point as well, so perhaps this would fit together.


I am also interested in this. A few of my other instruments use an option where you could use a JI scale, but they all are pre-programmed that way.

The 4MS SMR has a bunch of Wendy Carlos scales and can output 6x 1v/octs.