How to get 3 sound from Plonk?

Hello guys , hope you’re well !

I m noob on eurorack modules.
I would like to get 3 sounds from Plonk.
It’s there any chance to get 3 sound coming out from Plonk with Triplatt and Eloquencer or i have to get Steppy as well to make that happen ?
Can someone help me please , will be greateful.

Thank you !

Have you tried using Eloquencer to sequence Presets with the MOD input?

This video walks you through how to set it up with Steppy, but it’s even easier with a step sequencer that outputs pitches:

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Thank you very much for your quick reply!

I’ve been following the video a few times and i made the same connection as he showed but still not working …

Are you able to write for me a connection between Plonk Triplatt and Eloquencer please?

Sorry to be a pain! ( sorry for my english too )

Thank you !

In your case you wouldn’t actually need Triplatt, you could just take the Pitch or any other sequenced CV source from Eloquencer (sorry I’m not familiar with that one so I don’t know exactly what you would use) and send that to the MOD input. Then if you select one of the “Kit” presets and adjust the attenuverter you should be able to select presets with the Eloquencer.

The demonstration in the original Plonk video might actually be more useful for you because it uses Metropolis or Mutamix:

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Thank you very much for your time !
I’ve done it , thank you for advice!!!

I wish you all the best , GOD Bless You !!!

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