How do you start a new sequence on Metropolix?

I just got my module new, and I think I must be doing something wrong, but after reading the manual and watching videos from Loopop, Mylar Melodies, and Intellijel, I’m unable to get past a pretty basic obstacle here.

I’ve tried reloading other empty presets to start a new track, but nothing changes. I double checked this by changing the sequence completely, saving it to a preset, and then changing it again and loading that preset. Loading the presets doesn’t appear to achieve anything. When I clear them as per the manual, the screen confirms that the presets have cleared.

But when I hit alt+load and then load any preset, nothing changes, and I’m still stuck with all the slides, notes, modulation wheel mappings, and everything else that I’ve already decided on. So I have no idea how to return the module back to a blank slate so I can start a new sequence, nor am I able to save and reload presets.

There is a menu option in Setup > Init Preset… This will Initialize preset to defaults and snap to your panel slider/switch state. Loading an empty preset slot will not do anything.

Also check Setup > Presets Setup… and make sure that you are loading your desired parameters. By default, the preset will not load Pitches or Switch Positions.

You can refer to the manual for more details on these.

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