How do you change mod lane stage edit screens?


Brand new Metropolix owner here, and for the last couple of hours I’ve been stumped with figuring out how to change to a different mod lane stage edit screen. Let me explain.

If I’m working on TRK 1 while the track lane squares screen is up. I press EDIT + ACCUM. Once on this screen I can see my stage values for the mod 1 which is set to Accum Invert. Now here is the part I can’t figure out. How do I change to say Mod 2 or any other mod lane while in mod 1 stage edit screen?

I hope this makes sense.
Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome!

Of the three buttons TRK 1, TRK 2, MOD, if TRK 1 is lit and you press EDIT + ACCUM, you shouldn’t see stages values for Mod Lane 1, you should see accumulator values for Track 1. On the other hand, if you pressed the MOD button first, then EDIT + ACCUM, that would actually take you to the “home” screen for Mod Lane 7.

To see the stages values for mod lanes, first press the MOD button to activate the Mod Lane section of Metropolix, then press EDIT + any of the Stage buttons 1-8 to active the Mod Lane with that number.

Side note: I have always felt the key commands for seeing the mod lane stage values are a bit goofy. I feel like I always end up pressing MOD twice to get there.