How do “U” power 1U modules?

Hi guys! I’m new here. I want to get into eurorack, but I have a problem:

This is me planning my dream rig.

The intellijel specs for the 104HP 7U powered case which I would probably get claims it can provide ample power. It also claims that it can power up to 20 modules. I have 19 3U modules, and 4 1U tiles planned right now.

So here’s the question:
How do I power the 1U modules? do they get their own boards? Do I have to use my last power slot to power my tiles? Seeing as I have 1hp left, I would be fine with that. However, if that is true, do you have to use 1 power slot for each tile (which would cut me by 3 tiles), or is there a way to get a separate “tile power board”? if there already is one, is there a way to power a board with the last slot of the main board, so that it powers all the tiles?

I appreciate your advice! Thanks!

The 104HP 7U case actually has 28 power headers, so you would have 5 left.

Our 1U modules use the same power headers as 3U modules, except for the USB Power 1U which uses a special 5v header (There’s 2 of them on the TPS80W MAX used in the 104HP 7U case).

It is possible to get more headers using a flying bus cable, and there’s a bit more info on that here:


So how do I get more 5v modules? I might need more than 2. This is really helpful so far, though!

So @ScottMFR What if, let’s say, then, that I had already used all my headers except one and didn’t want to use a flying bus board. Theoretically speaking then, what would I or someone in my position then do? Is it possible to get a separate 1U board that could be powered by one header from the main board? What then? I’m sure someone is in this position, somewhere…

Getting a separate 1U bus board powered by a header from the main bus board would basically be equivalent to a flying bus board. Whether you prefer a cable or PCB style connection is really up to you, either would work.

In the Intellijel article “Eurorack 101”, you guys say “Intellijel offers USB connections in both our cases and a 1U module, but these are made for MIDI and not audio.”

This sparks three questions in my mind:
Does this include the USB power 1U, or is this the μMIDI 1U, or something else entirely?
If this is the USB power 1U, are modifications needed? does it connect differently then?
How do you get USB (type A or B) audio connections?

I’ll have to clear up the way that’s written.

The 7U case has a USB connection for the µMIDI 1U. µMIDI 1U can also connect to the µMIDI Jacks 1U module.

USB Power 1U is just for power, not MIDI or audio. It might have not existed when I wrote the article.

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ah. So my second two questions are still out there then.

At this point Intellijel does not offer a USB audio module, so you would have to look at Expert Sleepers or other brands.

The USB power 1U module is only for power, not for MIDI or audio.


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I also would love to be able to just plug in my phone and do a live remix!

Also, is there a way to split an intellijel board so each half has its own cv and gate stuff? I like to send my master clock to the gate, but I want to send my master pitch cv to my oscillators for a nice normalling setup, and also pressure/velocity to my VCAs and possibly to some effects. Currently, trying to have two modules in master mode (I have not tried this to confirm) probably either adds them together, which could make a cool shuffle clock until both fire at the same time. If it adds them together, it could damage modules, or the master modules could still try to be in slave mode (if set to auto) and just break or something. Any solutions?

I own the 1U USB tile (two of them). The 1U tile is powered by the 5v headers on the Intellijel bus-board. I believe the module is $15. The module itself converts the 5v header to a usable format for USB powered devices.

Practical applications:
Charge your phone.
Supply power to a USB powered device such as a tablet, USB powered MIDI controller (with DIN MIDI or 3.5mm MIDI outputs)
Power for a USB formatted reading light
This little module is simply a place to tap power for your USB powered devices.