Horizontal Case Joiner

What if Intellijel made horizontal case jointers? Take off the latch receiver and joiners could fit into the existing joiner slot, only they would be U shaped. I’m at max capacity on a two vertical case setup. Would love to expand to a 2x2 rather than ditching the cases for something larger.


What would there be to have them joined horizontally instead of just sitting side by side?

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Mmmm, 2x2. Those were the days. But seriously it was a little much, so I usually used subsets.


Unjoined cases are less rigid. Unjoined cases can slide putting tension on patch cables. Unjoined cases can’t sit on a keyboard stand at a performance (It is the “performance case” after all). Unjoined cases can’t sit above a keyboard/sequencer on a two-tier riser. Unjoined cases are less modular .

I think this could also be achieve by making special “T” like joiner plates, having one “leg” bit splitting up into two joiner inserts… just my 2 cents