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Holding Atlantis notes via Sustain Pedal & µMIDI


Hi all, I’m relatively new to Eurorack Modular and I’ve gone all-in with an Intellijel-heavy system.

As a keyboard composer, I’m having no luck holding notes with a midi sustain pedal. Pitch and gate are lovely on the Atlantis, but holding notes via the sustain pedal is just not happening. I can confirm that sustain midi is being sent to the µMIDI.

Any clue what’s going on?

Thanks, Aaron


Hi Phenotype,

I’m guessing this is caused because MIDI sustain messages are sent on a separate CC channel and are not holding the GATE of µMIDI to stay open. GATE is related to MIDI note on and note off messages so unfortunately sustain is not tied into those messages.

It would be nice if sustain could be assigned to the CC output of the µMIDI. Perhaps that could be added in a future firmware update.

Until then you will have to rely on holding notes by holding keys, unless you can somehow route the sustain pedal to control the breath control CC output of µMIDI.


AH! I totally get it. Or a more elegant solution might be to have an incoming sustain message hold any active gate, so you don’t lose a mod or cc output.

That would be AWESOME.


That would be a question for @kamil


@phenotype Currently µMIDI ignores the Damper / Sustain CC (64), but you’re right that this would be useful to add. It could just keep the gate high even after a note off, and not toggle the gate on new note ons, until the sustain is turned off. I’ll add this to the TODO list for future firmware.


Ah, it’s actually already on the TODO list, so I guess you’re not the first to ask :wink: