Help repairing my Noise Tools!

Hi there,

An SMD capacitor has broken off my Noise Tools module. I’m pretty handy with my soldering iron and SMD components hold no fear but it seems like one of the pads itself has actually broken free of the PCB and I can’t quite see where it’s connected to the rest of the circuit on the board. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

In the images below you can see the PCB and the cap. Soldering 1 to 1 seems simple, but what to do about 2? I can’t see what I’d solder to what…

Any advice would be gratefully received!

Can you trace for continuity to a nearby pad, perhaps that round one next to it? You may be able to fabricate a jumper.

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Luckily that side of the capacitor is just connected to gnd. If you want to repair it yourself, you just need to solder a jumper from that end to any ground point such as one of the large solder lugs for the pot. If you need to replace the cap itself, it’s a 10uF.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing the repair you could always contact and send it in.


Ah! Fantastic! Thanks. Is that metal border on the edge also ground? It kinda seemed like that might be where the missing pad was leading. Then I can do it with just a blob of solder.

Yes I’m pretty sure it is based on the gerber files, but I would do a continuity test with one of the power header ground pins or solder lugs just to be sure.

Great! Thanks so much for your help!

If you need any further instructions with the repair, Avery should be able to help you out via

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Thanks! Made an effective (if ugly) jumper and now the module works! Thanks for your help and for a great community here.


Glad it worked for you!

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Hi, the same thing happened to my module… except both the pads are chipped off and still soldered to the capacitor. Not sure what to do. I contacted support@intellijel and waiting for their answer.

Ouch! We’ll sort you out via the support e-mail now that the weekend is over.

Actually it looks like I sent a reply to your first e-mail that you maybe didn’t receive. I’ll respond again, but you should probably check your spam folder.