Help Needed - Power Repair/Replacement

Hey guys first post here. Recently took a deep dive into the world of eurorack and just today made what seems to be a fatal error.

I own the 104hp 7u case and have pretty much filled it with modules.

I was installing new modules, and accidentally plugged in a ribbon cable to the board with the stripe on the wrong side. my system did not power up correctly so i investigated and found the problem. however now a few of the modules are not powering up. initially everything was receiving power after i corrected the ribbon cables orientation but the audio ins and outs (including the headphone tile; what i assume are all of my 1u tiles) were not working. Only a static sound was produced. The pedal i/o was also saying the the return was clipping when there was no input.

Then as i was powering on and off the board checking how various modules were affected, more and more started to not power up. the quadra and two uVCAs i have were working when i initially fixed the ribbon cable, but now do not power up.

I was wondering what the likelihood is that it is the case rather than the modules that is the problem? Is there a fuse that i could replace or just need to replace the case? I rang nerd audio in chicago, and the man on the phone said that most modules should have protection from reverse power and that this is quite weird. I was hoping you could help shed some light on the situation.

Update: The -12V LED does not light up when the case is powered up. Does anyone know how easy it is to fix/replace this?

I am quite hesitant to power on the system, so if theres anyone who has had a similar experience please let me know how you faired. I have also emailed intellijel about this.