Headphones 1U + Stereo Out 1U low output

Has anyone noticed a drop in volume when bridging the Stereo Out 1U to the Headphones 1U module? My volume seems to be rather low, but increasing it past 3 o’clock starts to distort the signal. I’m not sure if I have something connected wrong here or not.

Hard to tell from the photo, but did you remove the jumper on the JP1 header on Headphones 1U?

Yes, I did remove the jumper. I’m going to try to route my signal directly into the L & R jacks, as I’ve been using 2hp Unity to mix a few signals together and pan them. I need to rule out any other module(s).

OK, if it seems like there’s an issue with one or both modules please reach out to support@intellijel.com

Sorry for the long delay. I narrowed it down to the Line Out 1U tile and I’ve sent a support request as asked. Thanks!