Headphones 1U normaled to Stereo Line Out 1U in 104hp 7u case?

Looking at the connectors board for the case I/O, and the ribbon cables supplied, it looks like I can have the Headphones 1U normalled to the Stereo Line Out 1U, however, after reading the manual it’s not clear if this is the case.

Can I connect the headphone 1U to the right hand cream connector and the Stereo Line Out to the right hand black connector?

The rear header on Headphones 1U is an input, not an output. The idea is if you connect it to the Stereo Line Out 1U that anything connected to the inputs on the Stereo Line Out 1U will be mirrored on the Headphones 1U so you only have to patch it to one place.

Thanks, my mistake was reading the manual for the new case jacks and not the manual for the Headphone 1U.