Headphone 1U V2 vs Stereo Out 1U for Palette

Hi there,

I’ve got a Palette for percussion, which I am really enjoying!

I’ve got the Stereo Out connected to the jacks as my main out.

I’d really like a headphone out in the case, but HP is a real premium on both the 1U and 3U rows.

Can anyone comment on whether the Headphone 1U V2 is noticeably / tangibly noisier than the 1U Stereo Out? If so, to what extent?


Unfortunately, the headphone out is quite noisy. Quite a bit noisier than the Stereo Out in my experience.

I wouldn’t use it for recording, but I imagine it would be fine for gigs.

Zero noise on either for me.

Hey both, thanks very much for the feedback!

I’m mainly planning this for use at home or a gig; I’d send my modules to my ES-9 for recording.

Sounds like this will be ok for me then. Thanks!