Headphone 1u help!

So. Anyone getting really horrible distortion sound coming out of their headphones 1U, like it’s running through a guitar pedal. At the moment, I’m having to listen to the output at the back of the intellijel 7u case which is not ideal.

I have audio coming out of mixup L/R into headphone L/R. Finding annoying messing around with these 1u’s instead of making music.

I would double check the ribbon power connector and maybe try swapping the cable. Also, did you remove the rear jumper on Headphones 1U before you connected the Mixup?

Thanks. Seems to have worked now! Sorry for the noob questions.

No worries! Do you know what was causing the issue?

Honestly, no idea, might have been some interference with some other modules, I plugged and replugged, might have been a loose connection.