Having trouble with my Metropolis and RESET. Need help!

TL;DR: when I connect my Tiptop Circadian Rhythms to my Intellijel Metropolis, RESET seems to randomly trigger the Metropolis twice, early, or late. Dead Banana

In the video, you can see it trigger twice multiple times, seemingly randomly. I’ve hooked up a scope, and everything seems normal.

Any ideas?


I’m also seeing a weird behavior where the P.PreE and P.PoST aren’t behaving quite right. I’m using a 1v/oct keyboard to sent voltages in, and sometimes the notes are right, but in at least one case, the note is a half step off.

I also noticed that the Aux A and B attenuators change the pitch, which makes no sense (to me, at least) when reading in 1v/oct, since all they can possibly do is ruin the tuning! When in a 1v/oct mode, can the Aux A and B attenuators be made to, maybe, transpose up and down octaves instead?

See it here:

Also, I’m a little confused about how RooT works. It seems to transpose the lowest pitch note(s) in the sliders, but if I set the lowest note to C0 and play a D# on my keyboard, the lowest note is transposed up to D#1, not D#0. I can’t get any root note to transpose into the “0” octave, which ends up killing the bass, making root-transposed grooves sound thin.

Is anyone else seeing this? Or do I maybe have a faulty unit?

Any thoughts on this (and the other issues I’ve mentioned to you) @kamil? It’s a huge problem for me!


I’ll have to look at the reset thing when I next have an opportunity to work on the Metropolis firmware. As far as the attenuators go, there’s no way to disconnect them since they’re in the analog signal path of the inputs. Are you running the 1.33 firmware?

I tried the 1.32 firmware and it introduced other issues (I’ve messaged you about them previously). Since 1.33 didn’t appear to address them, I thought I’d hold off for now. Does 1.33 address any of the issues I’ve experienced with 1.30 and 1.32? I’m happy to try it.

@kamil I’ve tried 1.33 and all my problems still persist.

@kamil do you have an ETA for working on addressing these issues?