Having issues transferring presets to Plonk via Laser Mammoth

I am trying to restore the factory patches on my Plonk via Laser Mammoth, but my Plonk is not receiving the patches.

I have loaded the “Plonk Factory Bank Rev 2.2” into Laser Mammoth’s “Masterboard” and I have my Plonk connected to my computer via USB and Laser Mammoth recognizes that my Plonk is connected. When I click on one of the presets in the Masterboard, or click on the “Overwrite Program” icon I get a “Program Transfered” message, but my Plonk does not receive the preset.

I am using Chrome (v103.0.5060.114) on a Mac running Mojave 10.14.6. I have also tried multiple USB cables, all of which appear to be working.

Any ideas why this isn’t working for me?

I figured out what I was doing wrong… By default both the input and output on Laser mammoth were set to “Virtual MIDI” and I didn’t know these needed to be set to “Plonk In” and “Plonk Out”. It’s working for me now!

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