Happy New Year and thanks for all the support in 2020!

All of us at Intellijel would like wish you all a very happy 2021 and thank you for all the support in 2020!

This past year we released the following new products:


MultiFX 1U
Stereo Line in 1U
Passive LPG 1U
Midi 1U

Palette 104hp

There were several firmware updates this year as well for:
Quadrax, Tetrapad, Tete and Zeroscope

It was a slightly quiet year for us in terms of module releases, but behind the scenes things were as busy as ever. We have several ambitious multi year projects in full gear and the fruits of our labour should finally be revealed this year; one of which will be very very soon so stay tuned!

The next two 1U modules will be CVx and Stereo Mixer 1U and both will still start shipping this first week of January. We have a lot more 1U in the pipeline and have been carefully listening to all our customer suggestions.

We hope everyone continues to stay safe, healthy and most importantly optimistic for the future.

Happy patching!


Danjel / Intellijel


CVx? Any details on this? Searched the forum and nothing came up.

CVx is the new name for the 1U MIDI Expander.

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