Gx Feature Request

I have a feature request on the Gx (for Metropolix) for an option to set the gate length for the Stage Num and Mod Stage Num assignments. Right now if I place consecutive Gx Stages into an OR module, the OR output stays high for all consecutive Stages. A workaround is to use another module that can modify gate length like the Doepfer A-162 or a Mutable Stages, but it would be nice to just have that option built in.

My understanding of how the expander works is that this isn’t possible as there is no control available to it other than binary on/off

It is possible - because it already does it, as you’ll see when set to Transport or Mod Clocks. It’s still binary on/off but it’s triggers instead of gates. The previously requested CV output is what I think you’re referring to, but that requires control over the CV level. Level and length are different.

Another cool thing if they ever add more Mx options would be Stage Num pulses or Stage Num Ratchets.

Sure they are different but my understanding was that essentially the GX gets what it’s given. Sure it outputs triggers, but presumably that’s because the width of the clocks is hard-coded within the sequencer. I guess you’ll get an idea of how trivial/non-trivial it is from Intellijel if they’re interested in your suggestion.

If it just gets what it’s given, then you could just give it the Gate Type, which is variable gate lengths by stage

Ok, sounds like you know how it all goes together under the hood. Hopefully Intellijel can sort you out.

Not saying I know how everything under the hood works. I was just using your logic. If it can do x, then it should likely be able to do y. Hopefully Intellijel can sort me out :blush:

Do you want control over the gate length? or would it be enough if it was as long as the gates are for the track? That would at least save from having to add yet another setting to the menus

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Hello Kamil, thank you for the reply. I personally don’t care for specific control over the gate length out of the Gx.

I was hoping just for an additional option when ‘Stage Num’ or ‘Mod Stage Num’ is selected that it would send out a trigger instead of a gate at every Stage. That way when consecutive Stages are input into an OR module, the OR output would have a gate off in between consecutive stages, allowing for retriggering of external envelopes by consecutive Stages. With the current configuration, the gate stays high on the OR output if two consecutive stages go into OR inputs, therefore not retriggering an external envelope when the Stage changes. Maybe adding a Stage Num Trig and Mod Stage Num Trig options in the MX menu?

Also having an option where the Gx output mimics each gate per stage would be a huge plus (which is what I think you were saying?), but I’d be happy with just the options I described.

Thank you for the consideration.

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Piggyback request for Quadrax + Gx (aka Qx): Trig mode as an alt to the default Gate mode , perhaps set once per power-up by holding a button or two.

The Quadrax-Qx manual intro (final paragraph p.9), mentions Qx supplying outs for (lowercase “t”) triggers, as do some discussions on here. I’ve always wondered if that was confusing… given they are Gate-style. Of course the manual depicts clearly in the relevant section that they are gates-style.

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Oh yeah, that would be nice on the Quadrax too.

Even Planar Gx now that I think of it.

Technically you could also send one of the GX outputs into a module like the Acid Rain Maestro, which you could use to “fire off” a custom chained modulation, which in turn could be either CV or gates depending on what you’ve decided to chain.