GX Expander

How do I get into the MOD CLOCK assign menu ? I did it once to change the divisions on the GX expander but for the life of me I can’t remember how I got into that menu.

Alt + MX (Metropolix eXpander) [edit: sorry, that’s to change the Gx mode.]

You can change each mod lanes division from the DIV page. Just select the mod lane, make sure you’re on the MOD track and then press the DIV button. Covered in the manual as well.

Yeah I RTFMed that manual especially for that but I am over complicating it somewhere. When I hit the div button all I get is the main clock division screen. I must be in the wrong page when I hit the div button.

When the Gx is in Mod Clocks mode, it outputs the clock pulses from each Mod Lane after the Lane’s DIV setting—basically a pulse whenever the mod lane advances to the next stage. You cannot configure the Gx outputs individually, you can only select one of it’s modes (Mx screen), you use the DIV screen on each Mod lane to set the divide the mod lane’s clock rate.

Deeper explanation—

The TRK 1, TRK 2, and MOD LED buttons select the context for the whole bottom row of buttons (ORDER, LEN, DIV, SWING*, SLIDE*, GATE*, and all 8 Stage buttons).

When you are on TRK 2, they all apply to Track 2; same for TRK 1; and same for MOD. When you are on MOD, they apply to the current Lane (use EDIT + stage buttons or EDIT + Encoder to change lanes).

So in this case, if the MOD button is lit up and you press the DIV screen, then you are in the right place, that will set the clock division for the current lane, while also changing the corresponding output on the Gx. You can even stay on that screen and press EDIT, then use the encoder to scroll through the lanes and you will see the clock division for each lane.

*SWING, SLIDE, GATE not available on Mod Lanes, the screen will say as much.

OK I think I got it now. I was able to change one of the GX outputs to a slower clock rate however I was not aware that it is also controlling the mod lane as well. DUH !! I was thinking the mod lanes and the GX outputs were separate.


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