Guitar question

Greetings, I’m putting together a version 2 7U rack. I am wanting to use the 1/4" I/O on the case to interface with my DAW. I’m wondering what hardware requirements I would need to incorporate my guitar. I have the 1U Pedal I/O, and have coming the 1U high impedance jack. Can I connect those to additional 1U modules for 1/4" I/O or does the Pedal I/O only interface with the case’s board and 1/4" I/O? Sometimes I’ll return the guitar mono, other times stereo when running stereo pedal. Thanks for any input.

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Hi Larry,

Just so I’m clear, you have both the Pedal IO 1U and the Pedal IO Jacks 1U on the way?

Since you want to connect your system to your DAW, I would recommend getting the Stereo Line In 1U and Stereo Line Out 1U. That way you could record your system into your DAW, or send audio from your DAW to your system for processing. With the Pedal IO and Jacks as well you could connect other pedals or use the Pedal IO Jacks as a DI to plug your guitar right into your system. If you are wanting to send your guitar to stereo effects, the stereo In could help with that, or you could just record them into the DAW.

The only other module that can connect to Pedal IO right now is XY to provide 1/8" send and return connections.

Hope that helps!

Never mind. Answered my question reading the board manual. I was trying to get all my answers from the module manual. Thx.