Getting starting - help with 1U modules


After many years I have decided to push the button and get into Eurorack. I have purchased an Intellijel performance 104HP case, the Metropolis sequencer some other bits and bobs to get going.

One thing I’m struggling with is understanding which 1U modules are the best bang for buck.

Could you please advise on which modules you think are the best to go with? I think the 1U I/O stereo out is the only one I’ve really settled on. Also, which one do I need to make the most of the MIDI to CV capability?

Your help is much appreciated.

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Steppy is great if this is a function that you need - not everyone does, but if you need a way to generate trigger sequences it is very nice and works with the horizontal form factor well.

Otherwise, I am very much a fan of the Dual VCA and Duatt, again, if these are things you don’t have covered elsewhere. Also, check out the NLC 1U series, Sloth & Signum are great things to have & each are only 6hp.

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Hello! We’re pretty much in the same boat. I’ve had ten modules sitting next to me for about three weeks now (nine of them Intellijel) and I’m waiting for my 7U 104HP case to be stocked at Perfect Circuit so they can fill my preorder (Intellijel recently told me the cases are currently in production). I assume you did a preorder like me? Also, really cool that you got a Metropolis, used I assume. I hear it’s very “musical”. I went with a Malekko Varigate 8+ but might need to try out the Metropolis some day!

For 1U, I have: the Zeroscope, Multi FX, and I preordered Noise Tools. I think they’re all pretty essential, but that’s for what I want to do. People love the Quadratt, I’m holding off on an attenuverter module because I have a Quad VCA to get me started. Down the road though I’ll probably spring for the Triplatt instead of the Quadratt, which is not 1U.

Welcome to the world of eurorack!

If you share a screenshot of your modulargrid layout plan we might be better able to offer recommendations.

The Stereo Line Out is pretty essential, and there’s some good recommendations here regarding Steppy 1U, Duatt/Quadratt, Noise Tools, VCA 1U, MultiFX and Zeroscope. Intellijel just put out a 1U Stereo Mixer too. If you plan on running other signals into your system or integrating guitar pedals you might want to consider the Stereo Line In or Pedal IO.

Oh, and regarding MIDI, we have a new MIDI 1U module that can be expanded with CVx if you want more outputs. Previously µMIDI was the only MIDI option.

Personally the 1U modules I tend to use most are Stereo Line Out 1U, Quadratt, and Steppy 1U. I’m looking forward to adding the Stereo Mixer soon!


I have Quadratt and I like it, although I don’t think I’ve ever used all 4 channels. Then again, my system is really small. Transient Modules makes a 3-channel attenuverter that saves some HP, but it doesn’t have unipolar mode. They also make a 4-channel random voltage generator that’s really nice and simple (in 1U and 3U).

I also like the Dual VCA, although if you’re only going to have one VCA module, a 3U module with some controls would probably be a better way to go.

A mult is very useful, but if you don’t need a buffered mult (which usually is only necessary for multing pitch CV), you could use various passive solutions that don’t require HP.

On the more complex side, take a look at Plum Audio’s 1U versions of Peak and Ornament & Crime.

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Hi mate - I ordered my case from dvs247 last week - it’s due for delivery tomorrow. Yeah got a used metropolis from Reverb.

I watched this video and instantly ordered one:

I’m leaning towards the noise tools and multi FC for 1U although am trying to keep buying anything nee until I get up and running and see what I need.

That being said, I am very tempted to order a Rainmaker and Atlantis.

I can see why people call it eurocrack now - you want to spend all of your money on it.

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Ok thanks I will do - I am only starting so don’t have much on there yet.

This is interesting to me, I haven’t pulled the trigger on a mult module yet, as I haven’t needed one yet, but will soon. What if you were sending audio signals through a mult, I think I can imagine situations where I wouldn’t want the volume level of the signal to drop with a passive mult. Does what I just said even make sense? I’m actually guessing patchbays in recording studios are passive, not sure, curious to hear more.

That video made me want to buy a Metropolis too when I first saw it ha. I think my Varigate is a nice compromise between immediacy/musicality and depth, but I still feel tempted to eventually spring for an even more immediate sequencer like the Metropolis or the Random*Source (Serge) SEQ8XL (the Metropolis has numerous advantages over a more traditional analog sequencer like the Serge including quantization and random AFAIK). They just seem like way too much fun, and I think one would make even more sense if I do some gigging when Covid finally ends.

My case is on its way now too!

What do you mean by ‘mult FC’? I Googled it but couldn’t figure out the acronym haha.

I meant multi FX mate. I’m bad at typos!

For reference, this is where I’m currently at:

I’ve got an octatrack and analog four as well for CV.

If you find Quadratt too big, remember there’s also Duatt!

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If you’re concerned about levels dropping, yeah stick with buffered. I don’t think it’s a big deal though, since you can “recover” any loss in volume level with a VCA. It isn’t as critical as it is with pitch CV, where a drop in voltage results in a different pitch.

So, things have escalated fairly quickly with my system laughs as girlfriend is none the wiser:

Now I’m thinking I need some way to control the different voices. Do I need VCA and attenuaverters? Would the quadrant do what I want - control respective levels of CV and audio? Or do I need VCAs as well?

Ideally I’d like to be able to control the audio of say 2/3 independent sources and perhaps use a splitter to control some CV to become “macros”.

If you just want to manually control voltages then the Quadratt can do that. If you want to be able to automate the voltages from other control sources then you need a VCA like the QuadVCA or VCA 1U

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Looks like a well-rounded rack! Jealous of your Metropolis…someday I’m gonna need to get one of those.

How do you plan to use Maths?

Yeah that’s looking good!

Here’s my 2 cents:

  • Quadratt functions similarly to the center channels of Maths, but gives you four channels that cascade from one to another. I’m not saying it’s redundant, because it’s a super handy module, but if you feel you don’t need four channels you can save space by getting Duatt.
  • Personally I don’t see any point in using HP for passive mults when you can use Hubs, Stackables, or Hopscotch cables to duplicate signals. Plus you already have a Buff Mult 1U in there for precisely duplicating your 1v/oct signals or whatever else you want to multiply. I’m sure you can find something more interesting to fill the 2HP.
  • A Dual VCA 1U would be a good addition. You at least have VCAs in Atlantis and the Neutron and Plaits doesn’t need one critically, but a dedicated VCA is always good to have in the rack. You can also use it to mix 2 signals together.
  • Speaking of mixers, I’m pretty sure you’ll want some more options for mixing signals together. Quadratt would help, but then you can’t use it as a macro or attenuator. Maybe put Unity Mixer where the Mult is, or add Stereo Mixer 1U?
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I’m thinking initially as a complex modulation source but am open to suggestions!

Many thanks for that. Yeah I think I jumped in a bit with the passive mult. Think I’ll send it back and look at other options.

Definitely need to get VCA and some ability to mix signals.

I am also thinking about getting some more audio manipulation and quite like the idea of a wavefolder.

Duatt’s too small. :rofl: