General interest in OR?

A few customers have reached out regarding the availability of OR. There had been some discussion of discontinuing it, or doing another small batch, and also the possibility of doing a 1U version. I figured this might be worth asking our community to gauge how much interest there would be in these options.

What do you think?


There aren’t many simple OR gate modules on the market, especially passive ones that are reasonably priced and only take up 2hp. A 1u version would be nice as well.


I use my ORs often, but a 1u version would be great. I currently have 1 “floating” since I’m out of HP. :slight_smile:


i’d buy the 3u version right away if it became available again. 1u could be a nice option too, though it’s not something i need currently


I have an OR married to my Turing Machine with expanders, where it receives regular use, and I agree that it seems to fill a nice niche, compared to other logic modules that are available. I don’t currently have a need for another 3U or even a 1U version at this point, but can never really forecast my needs very well with this hobby, so who knows what’s in store for me in the future.

My only gripe about this module is that it’s difficult to search for, as the word “OR” is ubiquitous.

What is the difference between having a dedicated OR module vs using a mixer such as quadratt? I would much prefer to see something more along the lines of a 1u Plog where the logic is switchable and cv addressable. OR and AND gates are simple enough to be achieved with mixers and VCAs much switching between the m on the fly is a little harder.

With a mixer it would sum the gates so you would get higher voltages whereas an OR gate would maintain the output at 5v. The more important difference would be that an OR module wouldn’t take up much space and save your VCA/Quadratt channels for other things.

I agree that a 1U Plog type switchable logic thing would be really useful.

I’d love to see any of these - OR 1U, or Plog 1U, or some sort of MiniPlog 1U.
a 3:1 OR 1U the size of an LPG 1U… why not!?!

Another interesting option could be to utilize the Intellijel HUB format. You could make OR hubs, LPG hubs, etc. It makes for a neat solution, because they can stack because of the internal magnets…


Yeah this might be the best option. I like the idea of having OR functionality without taking up HP.


I use my 3U OR constantly. Literally in every patch as it’s how I reset my sequencers when I hit Stop on my Octatrack… While still allowing me to reset them dynamically in other ways. Don’t let it die!!!

EDIT: just saw the HUB option. That would be cool also, but I will still keep my 3U as I like it being contained in my rack, since I use it constantly.


I would buy a couple of them immediately, regardless of which format you choose, but I’d prefer the 3u. I don’t know of any other manufacturers that make a 2hp dual OR module. I have a 2hp Logic (1 AND + 1 OR), and a 2hp Andy (2 ANDs), and one of you guys’ 2hp OR modules, and find that I need OR logic much more often than AND in my patches. Plog is great but unnecessarily big when I don’t need voltage control of the behavior.

I use 2hp unity mixers in a pinch, but prefer using a dedicated logic module so I don’t need to worry about an extra hot output if both inputs happen to trigger at the same time. Plus, mixers aren’t passive!


Another vote for the 3U OR. There aren’t many passive options out there in this form factor and I’ve been eagerly awaiting a restock. Sad to hear it might go away.

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I will do another run of 3U OR. It is a slow seller but they are not too taxing to make.


yay! glad to hear it, will be buying <3

Perfect! Thanks so much, Danjel.

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ah… that is cool…I’ve been using various other modules for this duty – Kinks only has the 2 inputs for the OR’ing function so a new run of this would be great!

Thank you! I will be buying a few.

any update on when the OR modules will be available at retailers?

I use the OR on almost every patch and always suggest to all my students to get one :wink: