Fully Decoupling track 2 on Metropolix

Are there any videos that show how to fully do this?

I’m struggling with setting the gate type and pulse count for track 2

For pulse count, in the Track 2 settings you can override the switches but every stage needs to have the same pulse count. For full control over each stage, you can assign Pulse Count to a mod lane, but in my experience that was a little tricky because the lane is only 8 stages long and there was some funky stuff going on with knowing the correct exact moment to have the step switch to get the counts perfect.

For gates, again, doing an override in the Track 2 settings is easy but all stages need to have the same gate type. If you use EDIT > GATE, you get something close to the equivalent of the individual controls of the switches but not completely. You can do off and any length 0-100%, but AFAIK there is no way to select the equivalent of the Multi setting (- - -) on a stage by stage basis.

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