Full random mode Intellijel Rainmaker

Hey, guys! I’ve been trying for so long to set up my rainmaker in random full mode like in this video.

Also I’ve looked into the manual so much. Can you please help me out / guide step by step on how to set it up as in the video? please…

I get trigger random mode on v1.09 for all the delay and comb filter settings by doing the following three things:

  1. In Edit mode (white button, top-ish left) , press the blue Rand button on the top left of the panel to get to the RANDOMIZE page and then turn the encoder till you see the Destination setting set to All.
  2. Go to the TRIGGER MODE settings page via theRouting + Config button (press the top right red button 3 times). Then turn the encoder till you set Trigger to Randomize.
  3. Check to see whether the comb filter and delay are on or off, have the gain levels you want and have the channel routing you want. Some Rainmaker presets have one or the other disabled/muted and you may not be expecting that.
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Thank you so much! I appreciate a lot!