FSR 1U — Force Sensing Resistor


And a video demo here:


Will this ship now if I order now?

Or better yet, can I pay via site and pick up local on Wednesday?

Yes yes yes yes yes!!! YAAASSSSSSSS! I’m so excited for one of these!
When will they be available?

They are for sale on our site, and we are filling dealer orders. If you don’t want to buy from here (link up top) then you can bug your favourite dealer to get some in :slight_smile:

Yep! (Local pickup)

Product page says “out of stock” though.
That was fast!

We had a small window of availability, but we are filling backorders from dealers now. We will post them back to our site when orders are filled. Keep an eye on your favourite retailer for stock. (Hint: Hit up Nightlife Electronics in Vancouver)

Actually that works.
I’ve been meaning to get down there to check it out. This seems as good of reason as any.
Thanks again.