Four audio outputs with 7U case

Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere but I have searched and couldn’t find it…

Is it possible to use the two audio inputs on the 7U cases as a second pair of audio outputs? I don’t have my case yet and I am not sure if there is anything physically/electrically different that would make this impossible.

I am looking to do quad output but currently have no need for audio in. If this is possible, are there any suggested 1U modules that would be best in this configuration?



The connectors on the case itself are passive, so as long as you plugged into the right parts of the header you could use them for anything. It would be possible to DIY a solution there.

That’s v good to know…
I can see some immediate possibilities.

Agreed! Thanks for the info.

Here’s the pinout for anyone that’s interested in cobbling something together:


The jacks are TRS, the pins marked -R are for the ring, -T for the tip.


Thanks Kamil!

Is there any possibility of splitting the 1U I/O module in two, so we could install 2 output modules to achieve 4 outs (using the sockets on the case) ?

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Just get 2 Line Out 1U modules or 1 Headphone Out 1U module and an insert cable.

I second that one! :slight_smile:

@grep : That approach would require 4 (not 2) ‘Line Out 1u’ modules, taking up way too much space. Also, those modules include the 1/4" TRS socket, which is wasting space, especially as it would be duplicating the TRS sockets on the case itself (which would then be unused).
My suggestion is basically a way of saving space for users who aren’t too bothered about audio input, but would possibly welcome the option to have 4 outputs (and using less space than the current 2 in, 2 out of the ‘audio i/o 1u’).

If you already have the Audio I/O 1U that allows two 1/4” TRS outs from the jacks on the case. Adding 2 Line Out 1U modules gives you a total of 4 1/4” TRS outs.

Ah, ok. I see what you mean. I don’t actually have a case yet – waiting for Rubadub to get the black 7U 104hp back in stock.

Has anyone figured out how to DIY a 4 output solution for the 7u case based off of Kamil’s pinout above?

I want this!

i know my solution isnt the same as yours but i ended up using 2 audio i/o modules and connected all the outputs to the back of the case, then got one of the audio i/o jacks 1u and connected all 4 of the inputs to those 1/4" jacks. that may take up too much space for you.

can you do any diy? if so and you want everything to be passive just connect 4 jacks to 4 pointer pots then tie them all to a header and plug that into the jack board on the intellijel case

Nice! thanks for the tip.

So you have 2 audio i/o modules with the outputs of the modules connected to the output and the input on the back of the case, then an additional audio i/o jacks 1u which connects to the 4 inputs of your 2 audio i/o modules? Meaning you have access to 4 x 1/4" inputs and outputs?

I think I really only need 4 x 1/4" outputs.

I have some DIY experience - I’ve built a fair number of modules from kits with relative success… Can you tell me what a pointer pot is? I’m not sure I’ve heard of that before.

I think I can figure the rest out.

yes you are correct, i have the opportuniy to use 4 ins and 4 outs. works great with my monomachine!

but for what you want to do i was just suggesting pointer pots becuase you could fit them in smaller spaces. they are the ones like intellijel use for the attenuators on a lot of modules like Linix or Rainmaker has quite a few. they are just the black shafts with the white pointer. i

t would be close but if you dont need to change the volume very often you may be able to fit the pointer knobs above or below the jacks to save even more space. if thats too close try staggering them like the pots on Linix and you could then just do the four jacks in a square and that would be pretty dope. i think you can even get those pointer knobs with red and blue shafts for that full on intellijel color code.

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also if you have a linix and dont use the mutamix, you could make a cable that goes from the first four channels of linix(expander on rear) into the jacks in the 7u case. if you want to spitball some ideas feel free to call me 423 340 0202

Awesome! thanks for all the help.

I get it now. I didnt get that you meant pots for volume haha… :man_facepalming:

I’ll update once I make some progress!

Hey guys - just waiting on my 7u case arriving and trying to wrap my head around the audio jacks on the case and how to best use them. I’m guessing I need to buy a 1u tile output to take advantage of this?

Any way my question is on the Linix and whether the cable mentioned above will work (and how to I get one)? I would love to get access to 4 of the channels on the Linix so I could send these into my Octatrack. I’m not really a DIY guy, so wondering if there is a way for me to buy this cable? Or do I just skip the audio jacks and use the jacks directly on the linix?

For some reason I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the audio and USB jacks and how to use these (feels like these need to be combined with 1u tiles to actually use them)?

Any insight is greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.

Ypsi Kid

That’s correct, you need the 1U modules to connect to the case MIDI, USB, and audio jacks.

For MIDI and USB, right now the µMIDI is the only option.

For the audio jacks, there’s a few ways you can go. The original Audio IO 1U has now been discontinued, but this uses the 4 jacks as 2x inputs and 2x outputs. This has now been replaced with a separate Stereo Line Out 1U and the upcoming Stereo In 1U modules. You can also connect the Pedal IO to a pair of jacks as an input and output.

There’s no plan to connect the rear header from the Linix to the case jacks and since this is a discontinued module it’s unlikely to happen. I’m not sure if a DIY cable solution would be possible.