Four audio outputs with 7U case

Hi @kamil thought i’d resurrect this discussion. I have an 1U Audio I/O with a 7U case and would like to use all 4 jacks as outs. I’m a bit stumped and wondering if you can help me get through this. For audio out of the “L/R Inputs” on the back of the case do i connect pins 1,2,3,4 from the JP1 pinout to 4 of the 6 pins on the header to the left? If so, which 4 pins?


You won’t be able to have 4 outs with the Audio I/O because the circuitry in that module is built for 2 ins and 2 outs. To get 4 outs you need have a pair of Line Out 1Us and you’d connect them to JP2 and JP3.

Here’s the pinout for the rev003 audio jacks board:

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oh well thanks for letting me know!

Hi Scott! Any eta on these? I’ve been waving my credit card in the air waiting for the moment.


I’ll see what I can find out!


I have a question for the Intelijell ppl …
but first a little premise: I have a lot of dirt on the connection from my 7U case to my mixer, just a bit over bearable. Probably because of some power thing in my studio or whatever. I reused the internal header of my mixer to connect to the audio outs btw. but the noise is also on there if I patch directly from modules.
So today I had enough and made a little balanced output thingy on breadboard with a SSM2142 I had around that would connect to your output board. Well the noise did not (as I hoped) disappear.
BUT when I made a ground lift, i.e. only connection + and - and not 0V to the output board I got dead silence! Made me really happy.

Now to my question: before I make a module with that circuit does the Stereo Out 1U module provide a way to GND lift ? or do I need to make special cables for that?

Also one thing that I find really sad is that you have no internal input on that thing.

Might be best to address this to

When you say “dirt”, is it a crunchy intermittent noise or a persistent white noise? Are you using balanced cables?

Also, Stereo Line Out 1U is now back in stock.

Yeah … crunch not white noise. Can also come from the sound card to the mixer and loop in the case. You never know with such things. But my other sources are much cleaner.

Before I made the balanced driver circuit I was using TS cables, then I made the balanced driver and switched to the balanced cable accordingly - didn’t help at all.
It was all so much better after I removed 0V from the output board in the case.

I am not saying it’s a failure of the case rather than one of those things you run into when connecting audio.

You can try a balanced cable with the shield only connected on one end.

Basically what I am doing now but inside the case :smiley:
My question was just if the Stereo Out provides such a useful feature?
(Some audio equipment have switches next to the connectors.)

No there’s nothing built into the module that will do that.

Oh awesome, so just to confirm, you can use a 2nd stereo outs and just connect it to the input header (JP3) ?

Correct :slight_smile:

Ok that rules!!! This will be a perfect solution to go into DJ mixers live since all the inputs are usually stereo. Thanks!

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Hi all,

I have a related question to the above thread.

I’ve just ordered the Stereo line out 1u module, and I’m having trouble finding the stereo line out jacks module to go with it (totally sold out everywhere). Is there any chance the stereo line in jacks would work as outputs, or is the circuitry different?

(Not using an Intelli case)