Flurry — Noise, Clock/Random Pulse, S&H/T&H, and Slew/Envelope Follower

We finally did it, the 3U follow up to Noise Tools, and it’s packed with noise!

Flurry collects and connects a number of practical modular synthesis tools, focussed on clocks, noises, and randomness to create a module that is rife with opportunities for exploration and experimentation. Equally capable as a synthesis source, modulator, clock, or signal modifier; It is bound to find a way to bring new life and dimensions to your synth patches.


Looks awesome! Is there any way to differentiate between the two noise banks visually? Like maybe one bank could have a solid light, and the other could blink?

Can’t wait to hear demos of what this can do, along with what the noise models sound like. Gotta figure out how I can make room for this.


1u easter egg - that could help free up space!

Flurry is sounding like a no-brainer!

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Very cool as per usual. :sunglasses: congratulations to you and the team. Great addition to many racks

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Sick! Here’s to hoping for a 1u version/ noise tools update