Flexible output configuration for MIDI 1U?

I was wondering if there was any way to configure the outputs of MIDI 1U to convert more-or-less arbitrary MIDI messages to voltages — basically having the CVx output configuration options for the MIDI 1U outputs. For example, I might want CV and gate for one synth, two triggers for different synths, two high-resolution CCs, clock, and reset. If this isn’t possible with current firmware but might be possible with current hardware and a firmware revision, please consider this a feature request!

(I have a CVx as well, which allows this functionality, but I’m space-constrained, don’t typically use most of the outputs of the MIDI 1U, and was hoping to use the 1u space that I currently have devoted to the CVx for a Duatt instead.)

There are some limitations because several of the outputs of the module are gate only, so we did not develop the same flexibility of assignment as for the expander.

Thanks for the explanation, Kamil! (It’d still be great to be able to assign outputs that support arbitrary CV flexibly if possible, but I understand that this would complicate the configuration app.)