FIXED: 7U 84hp case with two Moog synths

I just picked up the 7U 2x84 case and the Moog Subharmonicon and Mother 32. I have a few other modules, as well, in the case.

If I plug in both Moog units, the case won’t power anything. It’s as if it doesn’t have the power, even though the draw of everything combined is below 1/3 of the rated amps the power supply is supposed to deliver.

Unplugging either Moog unit will let everything work as expected, and they both work in the dedicated 60hp cases they came with.

I wanted to see if anyone has ideas on something I might be doing wrong(already triple checked that the cables are connected the right way) before I reach out to support.


There is a fix for this. PM sent!


Been looking to pick up another 104 7U case to do the same. 2x Mother 32 and extras themed case. Curious to hear more

If anyone reading this experiences something similar, please reach out to

It will work for sure.

Dig it!
Is it the Subharmonicon that causes issues?
Might wanna put a Double DFAM alternatively in the 104HP 7U.

Thanks Danjel!

no module causes the issue. Subharmonicon will be fine.

Fixed, working as expected. Super impressed with Intellijel.


Sweet!! So glad you got it going :slight_smile:


Killin it’ with that 3 Module Challenge!


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Here’s what I whipped up last night after getting things working:

Intellijel Customer Service FTW! Answered me and helped in < 1 minute after I wrote. Gotta shout that out!!! :smiley: