First Video in a series documenting my use of 4 intellijel modules: Scales


This is a little demo of how I like to use the Scales. The first in a series of videos showcasing the combination of of 4 Intellijel modules (Scales, Tete, Tetrapad, Quadrax) and the Westlicht Performer.

Entering very simple scales with only 2-5 entries result in interesting possibilities for scalar progressions by using the root-mode and of course by playing the module. As this is a demo there is extensive melody-madness involved. In a normal performance I would use it more sparingly.

  • the Tete/Tetrapad channel 1 is controlling the pitch
  • a combo of 2 Quadrax LFOs is controlling the shift
  • Scales is controlling two lead voices

Intellijel Scales Demo, no talking

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