Finally putting a Pallet together this week! Wanted to get some feedback

Hi all, the Pallet case really drove me to get into Eurorack. I love the smaller size, the ability to put a lot of utilities in 1u and the fact that this is a very mobile setup, which basically is like a synth.

I built my rack so I can use internal clock, but also sync it from my analog RYTM. So the RYTM will be my drums. I also have a DFAM and I will sync that as well and use it for odd sound or percussion. Or maybe make the kick with that sometimes. I like the flexibility. I also have a Boog that I can send some CV and sequencing too as well. The final 3rd party hardware is my Korg Sq1 for basic sequences when needed.

Also I am not using effects since those will come from my DAW. My main question is that I am looking at 8hp of free space and really thinking about getting another oscillator to counter my plaits. The osc I am looking at is the Dixie II+. Just wanted to get some eyes on this build and see if you all suggest I consider a different function that I may have missed.

My plan is to make melodies and basslines and percussion lines with the modular and the synths its controlling. I have the Arp 2hp plus Pamelas plus Plaits so I have a lot of modulation but maybe could use an extra osc. That is my thought process, but I could be missing something. Suggestions appreciated!


Welcome to the world of eurorack, Thor!

Looks like a nice system! Dixie would definitely be a nice contrast to Plaits, so I would second that as an option.

Quadratt is a useful utility, but in the Palette it might make more sense to get Duatt and save a bit of HP. With the extra space, you could get the 1U Dual VCA and take out the µVCA. Marbles is a lot of fun, but it might be a bit big for a Palette. Another way to go might be to get Quadrax and Scales instead of that and the Clep Diaz.


Thanks for that. I searched the entire net (it felt like) for the 1u Dual VCA! I just could not find one in the US that I could get. I love your suggestion for the 1u changes for sure. If I can move the VCA to 1u I’d be very happy.I guess I have to wait for that dual VCA to get back in stock.

That would give me back 6 VU to play with.

For now I want to learn Marbles and see how it goes. Its a lot of modular power to dig in to.


We’re just wrapping up production of another batch of Dual VCA 1U right now. I think there’s even some headed to dealers already. Looks like you might be able to find one using Wigglehunt:

Yeah Marbles is great! I use it a ton in my home system.


That’s great news. Thank you! Your cases and modules can be tough to track down, but that just means they are selling out. A good problem to have for you all!

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I’d look at the Marbles clone called Pachinko. I saved 6hp switching to it, and the layout is still pretty much the same.


wow, that is awesome, thanks I never knew about that one. I will be spending a lot of time with Marbles and assesing how much I need it over the next few weeks. I could very well make this switch as marbles is a lot of hp for a small case.

I think the Dixie is a solid pick if you are looking for more sound sources! If you really want a lot of modulation it does have that flexibility. You have the traditional pieces for synthesis, and a second oscillator would allow you to explore some FM, if you wanted! That is if you are set in stone with the other modules you picked too… I feel like I change my layouts all the time aha

Also, a micro rings module by talldogs could fit the 8HP!

Dixie2+ and WMD/SSF Spectrum (slightly larger at 10HP) are both excellent “standard” VCOs. They have slightly different feature sets.

Pachinko is a very good compromise, but if you want to save an extra 2HP over that, consider the Codex Modulex µDJV. It uses plastic shaft knobs, which you may or may not find objectionable (I hate them, so I sacrificed an embarrassing amount of HP in my Palette for bigger knobs), but its layout is also not too different from the original Marbles. I think it’s a far superior layout to the Antumbra Cara, which is the same size (10HP).

Similarly, you can get a smaller clone of Plaits. Antumbra Knit is very good at 6HP; Codex Modulex µOSC II is a bit bigger at 8HP, but it gets you a couple of larger knobs.

Depending on what you imagine you’ll use Quadratt for, you might consider some more utilities. An extra mixer might be useful, or some mutes (Bastl LOL is 3 mutes in 2HP). Or maybe the LPZW WK1 (Aroom config), which works great with Marbles (transpose all 3 pitch channels with one CV). Those are the kinds of things I wish I had room for, much more than another voice.

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I really appreciate all the suggestions. I have been spending time with this setup have so far and am starting to think I could definitely go the dual VCA1u and duatt route. Im currently trying patches out that bypass the dual VCA and just use the quadratt and I think that could work well.

I mainly just need a way to control output volumes and blend my Clep Diaz.

I’ll have 14hp freed up if I can pull this off.Still learning Marbles now - I have it controlling my DFAM, Model D and Plaits.

What I’d like to do is modulate the audio coming out of plaits more. Clep Diaz is great for that. I don’t make ambient music though - this is a nice example of sounds I’d like to get with the modular. I can drop the drums in with my Elektron

I created a 60hp eurorack case and the oscillator in this micro system is a Dixie II +. It was the right choice for me and I love the versatility. This case also has an o_C which when using sequins gives me a dual sequencer. One channel sequences the Dixie, the other sequences a Mother32.

I found a Dual VCA 1u! I had been looking forever. They have them at CONTRL. Plus I ordered the Duatt 1u directly from you guys. So now I can soon replace my uVCA and Quadratt and maximize the space of this build.

I have been spending time recording with Plaits and Marbles, and I really love this combo. The fact that I can play melodies into Marbles and it makes a scale from that is craz. So between Marbles and my SQ1 plus Pamelas New Workout I am able to come up with a ton of cool ideas.I currently use every module besides the 2 mentioned above, so I

In that time I decided I needed another envelope generator to use on Marbles so I got the Sinc Decima. I really love the Noise Engineering stuff (clep Diaz, step LFO is just so good)and I narrowed it down to the final module I want - the Basimlus Iteritas Alter. I can make Kicks, basslines deep leads and more with it. Probably one of the cooler oscialltors for the house/techno style I like to make.

Anyway, this looks like it will be my updated rack:

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Nice! I’m confident you’ll find something cool to fill that 6HP blank…

Thanks! I am open to suggestions if you have anything in mind.

Well… It’s not officially out yet, but you can see it in this video:

1U 6HP Passive Low Pass Gate!


:grinning: Excellent! Loving this Palette. You all have made a winner here.

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