Final gaps in Intellijel lineup (module brainstorming)

I really like what these guys have done over the past few years with their lineup. And the new faceplate designs are close to perfect. For me, there are just a few critical modules missing, which are iterations of modules available from other manufacturers. I’d love to see:

  • An Envelope Follower / Slew Limiter with adjustable curves (expo/lin) and cv control over attack & decay. Essentially Intellijel’s take on the now classic Voltage Controlled Slopes design (see Doepfer A-171-2, Make Noise Function, etc).

  • A daisy chained four channel voltage controlled polarizer (similar to Mutable Instruments Blinds, Vermona QuadroPol). Would like the expanded center dead zone of the QuadroPol worked in there, I think its really useful. These designs are intensely space conserving and powerful, allowing multiple ring mods, vca, cv processors in very little hp.

  • Intellijel’s take on an 18db Diode Filter (see EMS VCS3). Make it wet. Really, really wet. These super nasal filters are by far my favourites, but haven’t popped up very often in eurorack (STG Sea Devils, Doepfer A-102).

For me these are the only real gaps in what is otherwise a complete modular system. Had originally planned an all Intellijel system and am drifting back in that direction once I sell a few things. But some of what I listed above is critical to my workflow, so I’d need these to exist first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let me know what you think, or any other ideas you have.

All great suggestions!

I think some of the other areas we could also be exploring:

Random / Algorithmic generators
Poly sequencers
Rhythm sequencers
FX processing (analog and digital)
Digital synthesis
Human Interfaces

I’ve been obsessed with making modular kicks and bass lead voices lately and one of my best patches is Dixie Square + Polaris LPF + µVCA, with triggered AD envelopes on the LPF FM1 and the µVCA CV in. I’d love to see what Intellijel would come up with if they designed a standalone analog kick/bass voice in the vein of the Cwejman BLD or the SSF Entity.

All for more interesting sequencers that go outside the typical linear step sequencing paradigm. More FX is always welcomed too.

I’d like to see something interesting in an arbitrary complex function generator that isn’t a huge module. What I’ve been using is the Disting’s WAV record/playback, to record knob movements or to manually hand-craft signals in a WAV editor. The nice thing about disting in that regard is it will play back stereo files so you can have two different CVs going at the same time, though they’ll always be in sync with each other…

I’m not sure what would be the best interface, a little LCD I suppose, with some visual path editing functions. Inputs would be triggering, overall rate CV, perhaps some individually assigned segment rate CVs. Outputs would be the function output (or function(s) if it’s dual, which would be nice), gate/trigger (the function could be looped as an LFO no doubt, where a start trigger would be useful, and an end trigger would be useful when not looping). Output amplitude and offset would be handy as well.

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After just filling up a case with only intellijel, it was nice to see that there is a possibility for random/sequencing modules being worked on. Those were two things I felt my case is weak on.