Feature Request: Velocity Mapping

It would be very cool to create an 8-stage “velocity map”, assignable to outs A and B, that tracks to Track CV. Some use cases:

  • Faux Dynamic EQ: Low track CV gets higher velocity, high track CV gets low, or vice verse. Or muddy/harsh note ranges get a dip in velocity. In a nutshell this would be a way to turn up/down notes according to frequency to avoid having to use extreme EQ, or to just have more dynamic sequences.

  • Unique modulation destination tracking: Apply this map to other modulation destinations such as filter freq, resonance, fold amount, etc. for more nuanced tracking.

I’m currently acheiving this with a Voltage Multistage, but seems like this could be a great thing to do internally within the Metropolix!

You can configure the A/B Outputs to send the CV tracks from Track 1+2 and all 8 Mod lanes. In 1.4+ You can also set the Track 1+2 CV to Velocity, only supporting a Positive range. All the details are in the latest manual.

Thanks, but not quite what I am pitching. Hear me out!

It would be great to use the 8-stage editor to create a map that that translates Track CV to a custom CV map (which could be used for velocity or other modulation potentials).

Imagine if you will, the 8 Stages span the track’s CV range (0V to 5V) from left to right. So for example the value for Stage 1 would correspond to Track CV values that range from 0V–0.625V, Stage 8 4.375V–5V. One can then use this stage editor as a sort of graphic EQ that raises or lowers the level of notes based on their frequency (voltage) range if you say, take this output to a VCA’s CV input.

Maybe this can already be hacked together somehow? Like scanning a modulation lane based on incoming CV?

OK, I get you, You cannot modulate a Mod lane, but if you are using Track 1 to sequence, this could be a great use for track 2…

You can “map” the stages to CV by setting Track 2’s Stage LEN to 1, then assigning an Aux Input to modulate Stage Offset. Then the Aux CV level will determine which Stage that is active, including the Track CV… If you set the CV Type to sRmp/pRmp, then the CV will slide nicely from one value to the other, or set some or all stages CV to step for more fast value changes. Decouple Track 2’s Pulse count and Gate Type switches so you can noodle with track 1 independently.

Ahh yes—that’s a good workaround (with pitch overrides to Track 2). It’s going to be hard to burn up Track 2 for this duty, though! (But maybe I should replace my Voltage Multistage with a 2nd Metropolix :open_mouth:)

Great stuff on all the 1.4 updates, BTW!