Feature Request: Planar 2 Step Mode

I have recently purchased a Planar 2 so it’s possible that this feature already exists, though I don’t think so. Maybe it is possible using other modules.

I would really like a Step Record/Playback mode. Here’s how I see it working:

1)Enter record Step mode
2)Move joystick until the desired sound is achieved.
3)Press the Sense/Gate button to record this Step

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have the desired sequence and then 4) Exit Record Mode.

In playback mode, when a trig is received at the Gate input, the relevant output CVs jump to the next Step. It would be great if there was an option to make this instant (ie very short ramp to next voltages) or slewed (ie ramp length equal to distance between previous incoming trigs).

Does this sound useful to anyone else? Would this be possible in a future firmware? Is it possible already somehow?


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Sounds good to me as I’ve tried using Planar 2 as a sequencer but only in real time mode…

Sounds interesting and possible, the main question would be how to achieve 1) as there’s not a lot of available buttons / combos left in the Planar. Also the question of how to indicate that the module is in step mode instead of regular recording / playback mode.

First thoughts:

To enter Step Record, Hold Rec button for 2 secs.
Rec button flashes to indicate Step record mode.

Cool Idea!

Maybe it could be accessed by a long press of the MODE button and indicated by the Mode LEDs flashing? Or accessed by holding MODE and pressing record? The mode LEDs could flash together to indicate step record mode, and alternately flash to show step playback mode. You could toggle between them with the mode button and exit using either a long press or holding mode and pressing record.

Since this is a separate mode, the record button could be used to record steps. That way the gate button could be toggled on and off per step.

Long presses of record are already used for overdub so I’d rather not have another feature tied to it, and the record button flashes to indicate it’s record armed and waiting for a gate trig.

CV1 could control slew amount, the only downside there is that you would need a voltage source to set the slew.
I suppose slew could be set by holding the XY button and moving the joystick along one axis then releasing the button at the desired slew amount.

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Yes that sounds great! To be honest I was surprised there wasn’t a Step Mode already and I know it would be my preferred usage of Planar2 if it could be implemented. Thanks for considering it.

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I came to post a very similar request. I was thinking something as simple as whenever the gate button is pressed the planar will output the cv value of the joystick. I use the o_c for this simple sample and hold but if the planar could do that without an extra module needed all the better!

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Any chance this could be implemented guys?

It’s on a list of features to consider, but not in the pipeline to work on at this time.