Feature request: Kensington Security Slot

I wish there were an option for securely tethering a modular case to something. The use case for this is light security options like school labs, or a desk that is unattended for periods of time. The computer world seems to use the Kensington Security Slot Kensington Security Slot - Wikipedia

It is easy to point out that individual modules could be quickly unscrewed one at a time, but any security feature is one part of a ‘layer’. It isn’t necessary to go for TOTAL SECURITY with, like, shrouded locked rails. Not to mention, unscrewing individual modes one at a time is a different proposition than simply walking away with a modular case.

Mechanically, it doesn’t look like supporting a security slot would be overly difficult to implement, although I could understand an aesthetic cost vs. use-case benefit argument. Alternatively, a metal handle could double as a secure attachment point.

Thanks for listening!

I was just contemplating Kensington slots the other day and how I’ve never actually seen anybody use them, outside of trade shows. I’m all for it, though.

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You could modify the case yourself if you need something like this. Just need to cut a slot in the aluminum with a dremel or something. You’d probably want to put a piece of harder metal in the back as the aluminum could probably be deformed and the lock pulled out.

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