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µFade replacement?


I was doing some research for a simple cv crossfader module and stumbled upon the µFade. And then I sadly realized it was discontinued :confused:

Is that because you’re currently working on a v2? If not, what do you recommend as a replacement? My goal is basically to be able to easily morph from one modulation source to another during a live performance without having to re-patch anything. What is making it really appealing to me is the simplicity and small footprint.



We only ever did one small batch of uFade back in 2011 and it was very slow to sell and was subsequently discontinued.

The Eurorack landscape was a lot more basic back then and at this time I thought the uFade would be a pretty essential building block for a lot of interesting patches. Nowadays it would definitely be too basic.

The Azimuth basically became a more elaborate replacement but this module has also been discontinued (for now) and it is likely too much HP for your needs.


Oh I see, thanks for the clarification! Bummer not more people would find it useful because the design is exactly what I want. It seems that there are still a couple online shops that have them so maybe I’ll try that.


My intellijel ufade has stopped working - it seems like the voltages are unbalanced so that full pan to right produces distortion, while full to left leaves voltage not quite as pronounced as could be expected. Anyone had a similar problem?