µFade replacement?

I was doing some research for a simple cv crossfader module and stumbled upon the µFade. And then I sadly realized it was discontinued :confused:

Is that because you’re currently working on a v2? If not, what do you recommend as a replacement? My goal is basically to be able to easily morph from one modulation source to another during a live performance without having to re-patch anything. What is making it really appealing to me is the simplicity and small footprint.


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We only ever did one small batch of uFade back in 2011 and it was very slow to sell and was subsequently discontinued.

The Eurorack landscape was a lot more basic back then and at this time I thought the uFade would be a pretty essential building block for a lot of interesting patches. Nowadays it would definitely be too basic.

The Azimuth basically became a more elaborate replacement but this module has also been discontinued (for now) and it is likely too much HP for your needs.

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Oh I see, thanks for the clarification! Bummer not more people would find it useful because the design is exactly what I want. It seems that there are still a couple online shops that have them so maybe I’ll try that.

My intellijel ufade has stopped working - it seems like the voltages are unbalanced so that full pan to right produces distortion, while full to left leaves voltage not quite as pronounced as could be expected. Anyone had a similar problem?