Extra long 3 pin connectors for system tunnelling?

Ive got 2 mixups every day that goes by im realizing how useful they are as sub mixes with send and return, and i was thinking about how crazy it would be to have like a 12-14 inch 3 pin connector wire so you can have those local submixes localized near their sound sources, etc.

I find my cables end up flowing all in the same direction to one point on my case and theres a lot of cables draping across the system because of that signal flow all condensing to a single point.

Maybe one day can you offer extra long ones for sale on the site? is that feasible?

Oh one more question, are those less or more noisy than regular patch cables up front? I assume that thin 3 pin connector being in the case with all that electricity running around might pick up a lot of noise if its 14 inches?

there you go. https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/SparkFun/PRT-10373/?qs=WyAARYrbSnZ8%2BJi6jmMJaw==

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Perfect! Thanks!

Nice find!

The cables are standard “dupont” connectors. If you search for “2.54mm dupont female to female” you may be able to find some other options or lengths. It’s also possible to buy the plastic housings and metal female pins separately to craft your own cables.