External signals via I/O: Pitch quantize + "thru" attenuvertion


So, would be awesome to be able to route inputs X Y Z directly to A and/or B, bypassing Tracks.

Within this, I would love to see the following:

  1. External signal quantization, so for example an LFO, coming in via X/Y/Z, could be outputted, through A or B, pitch quantized.

  2. Option to use X/Y/Z inputs as simple signal attenuverter-throughs, via A/B. In short, a sort of signal “thru” mode for external signal attenuvertion. This would be great for my small system, where I have the Metropolix, and would save a bit of space by not needing a attenuation/vertion module when I only usually need to attenuate/vert 1 signals or 2.