Eurorack Modular Power Cable 0V to ground ect


I am drawing my new case, sending with a picture, however it will be wider and lower as I will have a small box underneath with all my controllers and effect pedals ect. I send with a picture :slight_smile: and that I will probably not do it in wood without any lighter material of any kind. as well as several modules in the back just like the 7U intellijel case has.

in the meantime I am working on that case, which I hope to be ready next year, as there is a lot to think about many decisions and a lot you have to understand. then I will buy a 4U case and make a new connection so that you can attach it to the 7U case, the drawings are already ready and the pieces should only be laser cut.

and I have a question regarding the 7U case I have now and the busboard that comes with the case, how is it connected? I have all the connectors in and I am aware that they are too long so I will learn to make new cables that are much shorter than they are now.

I have tried to read to myself what resistance ohm the busboard have idle and max. And whats the best cable and connectors to use.

how is it connected to the ground in the case? and is there a 0V that comes with it? if there is no 0V around änd out, how should I do to get it and how do I need with the cables for it, and how should I connect if so?

I Will need over 4 Hinton for this new case, so i have looked at acopian power supply where I will save a lot of space and are 5 times cheaper, in this case. but it’s going to be Hinton’s busbars and cables anyway. however, I will have hinton in another smaller case :slight_smile:

Is here the ground and OV comes in, where I want everything right from the beginning now when im learning, when I take all my stuff like pc interface and eurorack and everything else from the same outlet, I live in Sweden and we have very good outlets here.

but I need some help how to do now when the rig grows both with intellijel and other things around. And i want it right from the beginning with this stuff now not later.

and what is the difference between the new busboard that 4U has now that it is black?
and when will you start selling cases with type acopian power supply and with bus bars and not boards as a supplement that you have to pay extra for. other cases are going to me cheaper because you start from that case;) just a thought :slight_smile:

but hope you all understand the question and have an answer :slight_smile: