Essential Intellijel System

Hi all,

I am looking at building an all Intellijel modular system in a 7U case. What essential modules would you get for the system and why?

I play mostly house, techno, and trance music right with my Elektron Octatrack/Analog 4 and Make Noise 0-coast semi modular system.

Thus far my list is:

Intellijel 7U case

  1. Quad VCA
  2. Intellijel Cyclonix Shape Shifter Wavetable VCO
  3. Intellijel Rubicon Triple Core VCO
  4. Quadra Envelope Generator
  5. Intellijel Morgasmatron Eurorack Dual VCF / VCO
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Given that you already have 8 powerful sequencer tracks in the Octatrack, a Midi to CV interface (like the 1U tiles) would be a good addition. Perhaps also a Mixup and Triatt for mixing and utility duties? The Noise Tools tile are nice to add some color and chaos, and perhaps a Dixie that can double as a LFO?

Given that you have the HP, looking at the Rainmaker might also be interesting for some really deep FX?

Just some random suggestions… :slight_smile:

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This is interesting. I’m actually working on something similar at the moment in a 7u 84hp case. (This is all you might need, with so much horsepower already.) I have the Analog Four and 0-Coast, the Octatrack mkII is on order…

A couple of assumptions I’m working under:

  1. The A4 is a really good cv/gate sequencer, so much so that when I tried sequencing in-the-case I got frustrated. You may not explicitly need a MIDI-to-CV convertor.
  2. With the exception of my Chronoblob and T-Wrex, FX are coming out of the case. I plan to use Elektron’s FX which are fine as well as a high-quality reverb pedal on the cue send from the Octatrack. Reverb just can’t be high enough quality for me.
  3. The Analog Four is a polite-sounding synth and a surprisingly competent drum machine, so it will likely be sampled for pads, accents, hits, and supporting lines. The module I’ve been looking at the most recently is the Atlantis, which gives me an excellent counterpoint to the Analog Four in a convenient, no screwing around package. The “classic” liquidity/acidity of the SH-101 sound to me is a complement to the icy, modern A4. I have a bunch of weirder than weird euro modules already (Mannequins).

Your choice of going with Intellijel’s wilder and more complex VCOs and filters is a good one. You will want at least a Quadra, Quad VCA, buffered multiples, and one or two Triatts. Plonk woule be good for you because I could see it being spectacular sample source for Octatrack.

And if I may add a single suggestion from outside the Intellijel ecosystem, an Xaoc Batumi. The many modes of operation which produce three LFOs that are related in various ways to a master LFO is something a bit different to what Intellijel offers. You might like it. (Add one Triatt if you plan on getting Batumi.)


Cool I am thinking of a small Intellijel skiff to start with to see how well I like it. Here is a sketch:

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Thanks thinking a skiff to split off Atlantis and Metropolis as these a huge modules and a 7U case for other Intellijel items like this:

I will say pricing this build this shit is hella expensive! I hope that it will be well worth the cost.

My apologies, I forgot you’re buying an Intellijel case. In which case you should move power, mults, attentuation (and MIDI if applicable) to the 1U row.

On modulargrid, make a 3 row case of either 84hp or 104hp and click the checkbox to make row 1 a “1U” row. Once you’ve got an empty case in front of you, select “Intellijel” from the manufacturer drop-down selector and click the checkbox for “1U tiles.” You definitely want Quadratt as it will replace Triatt, and you can skip the power module since it’s included on the 7u cases.

I recommend 7U 84hp over 104hp as you’re going to struggle to find a 104hp case, plus it will give you a complete system in less time and money.

You could start with the following:

  1. Shapeshifter or Rubicon 2 (there’s a lifetime of fun in either one of these, no rush)
  2. Quadra
  3. Quad VCA
  4. Korgasmatron
  5. Batumi
  6. 1 or 2 Quadratts, a Buffered Mult, and whatever else you need in the 1U row (Audio I/O)?

You’ll also need to make a decision on whether you’re sequencing via CV/gate from the A4 or MIDI from the Octatrack.


I think sequence from Analog 4 to make life easier. I do that already from my Analog 4 to my Make Noise 0-coast semi modular and it works out great. Since I have 4 CV out that makes things a bit easier and I bought a Korg SQ-1 to sequence the Make Noise to free up more CV outs on the Elektron Analog 4. Now using the Octatrack to sample/sequence via MIDI the Atlantis and Plonk would be tons of fun! I am gonna try out some modules at Noise Bug in the near future and see how I like the Intellijel sounds before buying them.

So far a lot of guys with modular rigs here in San Diego love them and they do sound amazing. I love my 0-coast but want a different flavor.

I get it… There is nothing in Intellijel that has the fruity, nasal, horn-like sound of the 0-Coast. (I could be completely wrong about that since it’s just a triangle core VCO with a wavefolder and a low-pass gate.)

I’m leaning towards the Atlantis for this reason. I’m assuming it’s named after an underwater city for a reason, and it couldn’t sound more different.


The µMIDI works great with the Octatrack. Parameter locking the CC and MOD controls are a ton of fun! You don’t really have to choose between Octatrack or A4 to sequence as you can use both if you want.

Definitely make use of the 1U row for Quadratt, Audio IO, MIDI, Noise Tools, and maybe a Mult. That’ll free up some 3U space.

You might want to reserve some space for the Quadra Expander so you can vary the Attack and Decay of your notes.