ES-8 doesn't fit in Palette case

Hey folks, just had the bad surprise that the ES-8 module doesn’t seem to fit my palette case which is too shallow. I’m really bummed as the ES-8 was kind of the center of my plan for the palette as it would be a great way to augment the setup with a laptop. Anybody else ran into this issue? Any workaround? Thanks!

Always check depth of the module before buying.


In very rare cases, I’ve seen people modify boards or change the angles of components so that they can fit, but this requires a level of skill I don’t have and involves risks I won’t take. For a module that is just a few millimeters too deep, some have added washers and let it protrude from the case. Best way to prevent issues is to use modular grid to check module depth before buying.

I’ve successfully used male-female standoff spacers to get a deeper module into a case. Something like this could do the trick:


That’s pretty crafty!

Yup. The palette accommodates about 42mm deep modules and most of the Expert Sleepers modules are about 45-50mm. It won’t work