Dual VCA 1u soft clipping

I’ve had a Dual VCA 1u for a couple years, and I really like how it seems to have some soft-clipping/drive involved. Sometimes I’ll just use it for mixing because of the sound I get out of it (and it seems to keep audio from clipping if I put it right before recording into the Expert Sleepers ES-9). Does the Dual VCA 1u have this or am I wrong? I thought there might have been a mention of this in the original features but I don’t see it on the website anymore.

Anyway, I’d like to buy another one but it seems like the price has dropped a lot, which is nice, but I wondered if anything has changed since it was released?


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There is no soft clipping specifically built in, it is more a factor of the opamps used and how we have set up the gain staging etc.

The design has remained unchanged since first release so if you get a new one, it should sound/function the same as your original.

Glad you are enjoying it! :slight_smile: