Dual Stereo TRS output w/ Case Jacks?

I recently got a 7U/84 performance case and I’m trying to find a way to hook up the case jacks so they output stereo on a single jack (or stereo out on two jacks) instead of L/R split mono.

Basically I’d like to replace my current 4ms Listen I/O module (which has dual stereo line level outs) with the Stereo Out 1U module + case jacks.

It seems possible; I’d like to do this without taking on a DIY soldering project.

In reviewing the various 1u manuals, it seems like I could connect the Stereo Outs to the case jacks with a 3 pin cable, but I haven’t found documentation on which pins are G / L / R on the Stereo Outs module; or which I would need to wire up on the case jacks (6 pin connector or 3 pin connector, and which wires would need to connect).