#droneday is today!

I’ll be droning a novadrone and Intellijel 104/4u tonight if you’re looking for drone!

6pm sharp, The Gallery at Queens Park in New Westinster (w/ 3 other artists)

more shows here: http://droneday.org

On this note, a section to post live eurorack gigs would be awesome


I really wanted to check this out, but I was playing and giving a workshop at Inventor Live today. Hope it went well :slight_smile:

I’ve added a new category called simply “Events”. Hopefully that’s broad enough to cover most topics.

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was a ton of fun, will do it again! i’ll get the full recording up soon.

I’m sorry I missed this! Just found out about it now. I’ll be watching the events section like a hawk from now on… looking forward to your next performance.


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Cool :slight_smile: I’ve also created a new Music category in the forum for people to share music posts, you could also make one there.