Dixie2+ Frequency Range

Hi Folks,

Can anybody confirm that the Dixie2+ has an maximum Frequency of 60 Khz as stated in the Manual ?
I’m a bit confused as most Retailers state that the max.Range is only 24 Khz.
I am asking because I want to use the Dixie for Downsampling the Clock of an TipTop Audio Z-DSP which has an Operating Frequency of 32 Khz.

Thanks a lot in Advance

Using my O’Tool+, I can see that the module itself, with the octave slider and fine-tune knob both maxed, but nothing added to the pitch input, outputs at around 2.8kHz.

Applying appx. +5V to the pitch input appears to bring the frequency up to around 51kHz. I can apply more voltage and get the output even higher, but then the O’Tool+ starts misbehaving at around 60kHz. I.e., it starts reporting a frequency in the range of 30kHz. I don’t know if this is the Dixie’s behavior (as this behavior starts at roughly at the limit you posted), or if the O’Tool+ is mis-counting the cycles at these high frequencies, or what. But that’s what I’m seeing.

So it appears to get at least as high as you want, but I recommend getting confirmation from someone else, just to keep my O’Tool+ honest.

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Hi Megarat,

Thank you very much for your effort. I think 28 kHz are already enough for the Z-DSP.
I’ve ordered the Dixie anyway because it is an awesome Module for many Tasks. I guess an O’Tool or Data should be one of my next purchases.

I will try to get some Info about the Dixies Frequency Range from Intellijel and will let you know about it.

I can push it high enough that it starts to alias, but above audible frequencies, on a 98 kHz sample rate WAV file. It can definitely go beyond what you would possibly need, especially if you keep the octave switch all the way to the right. Please note that I could push it even higher, seeing as there’s v/oct and then two additional fm inputs, which with no attenuation and fm1 set to exponential, both roughly track v/oct. Sending 5 to 10 volts into those in addition is not recommended because it’s the extreme edge case and could damage the oscillator core or start going so fast the waveshaping goes wacky. Suffice it to say it can go wicked high and higher still

Thank you all for your efforts, i apreciate it a lot.
I had an Future Retro Xs and remembering that the Oscilators on it could reach 100 kHz. for wild FM Sounds.

I wrote an Email to Intellijel but they have not responded yet Bit I’m sure that i‘m on the save side with the Dixie regarding it‘s Frequency Range.