Dixie II+ sync & flip tutorial video

I created a video and wrote an accompanying post demonstrating the Hard Sync & Flip functions of the Dixie II+ VCO. It will be particularly useful for new users trying to understand how sync works, and those curious about how the Flip function works: http://learningmodular.com/intellijel-dixie-ii-sync-flip-lms-eurorack-expansion/


I really like how thorough your videos are. In this case it was really helpful to see what’s happening to the waveform when playing with the sync/flip input. I don’t have a dixie II+ (yet), but I have a rubicon. It has the same (I presume) flip and sync inputs. Until today, I’ve kind of ignored them… :smile:

I imagine you’ll let us know when the rest of the series is up? Thanks!

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Thanks for the kind words; I’m glad it was useful!

The 77-movie, 7-hour course will be published through Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning sometime in July. I’ll share when I have the exact date; those on my web site’s email list will hear first. The Dixie appears in a few movies in that course (including one where I dynamically mix its waveforms using a voltage-controlled mixer), and I also use an Intellijel uVCA II throughout.

After the course is published, I’ll then be doing weekly updates through my web site, covering a new module each week. I’ll post over here whenever I cover an Intellijel module – I already plan to do the Polaris and the Quadra + Expander, and hope to work with Intellijel to cover additional modules in the future.


Nice video @LearningModular! Great use of visual aids. It’s really helpful to see the overlapping waveforms to illustrate your points.


Does this work with Dixie II too ?

Dixie II has flip sync but not hard sync. Dixie II+ has both.