Dixie II+ problems

Hi there! I just got a new Dixie II+. On the back, DR is written in Sharpie (presumably this is normal?) and the extra pinouts for some sort of jumper at the bottom were bent together and slightly touching each other.

I’m concerned about this module, as the sync/flip functionality seems like it’s not working properly. there’s weird stair-stepping of harmonics when sweeping the frequency, and with certain carriers the sound cuts out entirely.

To top it off, if I try to sync using the Disting mk4 VCO to sync the Dixie, it has no noticable effect.

I don’t know how to diagnose further, and I can try to describe differently. I’ve already contacted intellijel directly.

Any help would be much appreciated.


The “DR” on the back is just the initials of the person who tested the module.

The extra pins on the back (3 pin header) is used for callibration but not used by end user. If they got bent during shipping you can just bend them back with fingers (will not void warranty).

Please refer to the manual to see the difference between FLIP and SYNC.
It is definitely possible to hear the effects you described if you are sweeping the frequency of source or vco. If you looked on a scope you would see what is actually happening to your signal.
Also for FLIP it is recommended to use a saw wave as a source but for SYNC use a pulse.

This tutorial is handy too: https://learningmodular.com/intellijel-dixie-ii-sync-flip-lms-eurorack-expansion/

Thank you for the information. I have discovered that the sync/flip sounds as expected if I run the carrier through a maths channel first. I am using a Mother-32’s pulse output. My understanding is that this might be due to an impedance mismatch. Does this sound reasonable, and is it something I should be concerned about? Thanks!