Dixie II+, no fine tune here (SOLVED)

Bought a new Dixie II+ today (from authorized dealer) and the “fine tune” knob does not change tune at all in any mode (VCO, LFO, nor in any octave switch setting). This is with or without a 1v/oct cable plugged in.

It does however alter the pulse width, when monitoring the pulse output.
Am I overlooking something silly ?
(I looked for a cold solder joint, but could not find any.)

Because it's not working, this leads me to another question because I can't test it....
Is there no fine-tune on the PW (square) output (because the knob defaults to "width" not pitch ?) ??


Please email our support

I’ll bring it back to the retailer (Analog Haven) and ask them to test it, along with a different identical one from their stock.
I called them, and if there is a fault, they said they will exchange it…easy.


It was my misunderstanding, and the module works fine.

I misunderstood, and thought that the arrow above the PW knob was the “fine-tune” knob…because the “arrows” and the label “Fine”, are close together.

The coarse tune is the multi-switch, The “fine-tune” is the large pot. (which is working for me).

Ah ha! I understand your confusion, the label is indeed pretty close to the arrows. I guess it’s helpful to know that nearly everything on our modules is labelled below the control.